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About us

The story behind Fitvee.

Fitvee was launched in 2024 with the vision of creating a centralized system, where all the trainers’ and trainees’ transactions, communication and services are provided
and take place within one app.

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How it all started.

Fitvee was established by two founders: Amir, the mastermind behind engineering, and Andrea, the creative force driving design. It all began with a simple question from Amir to Andrea:

Why don't we create a platform that would bring all aspects of fitness into one seamless experience? We have the skills, let’s do this!

With Amir's technical expertise, Andrea's design proficiency, the vision of Fitvee was born.

Andrea, one of the founders on Fitvee.Amir, one of the founders of Fitvee.
A photo of one of the founders (Amir) sitting with Antonio Primiceri in a cafe smiling and talking about Fitvee. Founders developing Fitvee. A table with 2 monitors and laptop.

Let's travel back in time.

In 2021, extensive research and interviews with a diverse range of fitness professionals from all around the world, including international judges, world champions, and newbies was conducted. Through these interactions, founders gained valuable insights into the aspirations and challenges of our target demographic.

In late 2022, armed with a clear roadmap and a deep understanding of our audience the development of Fitvee began. Despite the challenges, Fitvee remained true to its roots, bootstrapped from the ground up.

Just one year later, on 1st January 2024, Fitvee was officially launched, embodying our commitment to revolutionize the fitness landscape.

our values

What we believe in.

We’re sculpting the future of fitness with Fitvee, a groundbreaking platform for accessible, efficient, and personalized fitness experiences. More than just an app, Fitvee is setting a new standard for health and wellbeing. Here is how we achieve it.

Accessible to all.

We're committed to making fitness accessible to all, regardless of background, circumstance or location. With Fitvee, we break down geographical barriers, allowing individuals from anywhere in the world to access top-tier trainers and fitness resources, ensuring that guidance and support are readily available to all.

Illustration of a globe with location pins. On the left side, a female trainer is leaning against the globe, on the right a man doing barbell lunges.
Effortless connection. A muscular man sitting in the foreground, texting a bodybuilder in the background through Fitvee app. Further back in the background there is also a fitness couple. In the centre of the illustration, is a lo-fi mockup of Fitvee app with different icons that suggest what features Fitvee app includes, floating around.

Effortless connection.

In our vision we believe in empowering both trainers and clients on their fitness journey through effortless connection. We understand firsthand the challenges of finding trainers and managing clients, which inspired us to create an all-in-one solution. With Fitvee, we ensure that every aspect of the personal training experience is streamlined and hassle free.


Ensuring the security of your personal information, payments and bookings is non-negotiable. Trust and peace of mind are paramount in every action. With the help of  state of the art technology and trusted partners, Fitvee keeps everything safe and secure.

Illustration of a shield.
Illustration of a plus-sized woman sitting peacefully in a lotus pose. 2 dumbbells in the background.

Health and wellbeing.

At our core lies a profound belief in the significance of health and wellbeing. We understand that starting a journey towards fitness, health and wellbeing can be intimidating, especially for beginners. That's why we provide high-quality exercises and access to certified trainers to help you gain confidence and master proper techniques. With our workout tracking feature, we make it easy for you to stay consistent and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Become your best self.

Above all, we're passionate about empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With Fitvee, we aim to inspire and support personal growth, helping each person to become the best version of themselves.

Join us as we embark on our mission to empower trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Together, let's sculpt the future of fitness, one seamless experience at a time.

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An illustration of fitness people standing next to an oversized trophy in the middle. Different races, men and female, over-sized, regular and very muscular people are portrayed. They are happy and cheerful.
Fitvee logo icon

Your dream physique and health await in Fitvee.

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TrainerFitvee opening screen